Renting a car in Russia is just as normal as in any other country, and offers many advantages both for locals and for expats. Driving on your own does not only allow you to go shopping to one of the Moscow malls but also allows you to visit the Golden Ring cities or countryside and experience the fantastic Russia that lies outside the big centers.

When choosing the provider, see what terms and conditions they offer.  The important points to take into account:

  • Company world-wide experience
  • Do they offer transparent terms and conditions in their rental agreements?
  • Do they have an English speaking call-centre and an emergency phone?
  • Are the cars ensured?
  • Are the cars new, safe and well-maintained?

There are several car rental companies presented in Moscow. Bellow you can see the company we recommend and partner with.  If you would like to recommend other car rentals companies to foreigners in Moscow, please contact us by email:

AVIS Car rental

Today, AVIS is the only international car rental company that provides car leasing and rentals services all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. 

  • Car rental generally offers good value for money in Russia. 
  • A minivan week rent is a great opportunity to travel to another city of Russia (Saint Petersburg for example) or to the Black sea of Russia, etc. 
  • If you need a car for several months you can rent a car for leasing prices completely without a deposit. The prices are very competitive and the product is much more flexible compared to a taxi. Additionally, you get all the advantages of leasing such as seasonal tire change, repair and maintenance and other support you may need 24/7. 

Read more about renting a car with AVIS in Russia HERE.


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