What are the benefits of hiring an agent for finding a property? 

  • You will save a lot of your time.  If time is money for you, this service will be helpful!

    It takes a lot of time and efforts to find the right property on your own:
    - the local online resources show a lot of duplicated listings (many are duplicated 10-30 times)
    - many of the advertised listings may be gone
    - many owners/ their representatives do not speak English.
    - for tenants: some property owners may not consider you (in case you have pets, your rental period is not long enough, etc.). You need to call them all to find out.
    - for tenants: you maybe not able to persuade the owners to consider you/ accept your offer.

  • Your agent will make all this time-consuming job for you and will make sure you miss no options from the available on the market. 

  • You may get a much better deal with the help of our professionals. Our agents have brilliant negotiating skills. 

  • Your agent will protect your interests, not the property owner's. 
    If you get the property for free, this means the fee is paid by the owner and the agent will naturally protect the owner's interests, not yours. 

  • Your deal will be safe. Our experts make a security check of the properties before the deals. We do not sign the deals unless we make sure there are no problems with the property. 

  • We will make a Detailed defects act of the apartment which will protect you at the end of your Lease contract.

  • If you rent a property through us, your agent will be available to support you during the whole lease period in case of any issues with the property. 

  • Your agent will come to assist you to close the Lease contract and get the Security deposit back when you are ready to return the apartment to the owner. 

The listings say: "Agency fee: 100%, 50%, 0%...". What does this mean?

In each listing you can see the size of the agency fee the client is expected to pay in case he rents/ buys the chosen property.

Rental listings:
The agency fee of 100% is equal to a one-month rent amount of the property.  50% is a half of this amount, etc. If the agency fee is 0% - we will charge you nothing for the services. 

Please, note: the apartments with a 0% fee don't include our post deal support. To get the post deal support at such options during the first year of your lease, you will be charged a 50% of one month rent. The post deal support includes:

  • Answering your questions and concerns connected to the rented apartment after you have accepted the apartment from the owner.
  • Help in solving your issues/ conflicts with the owner.
  • Translating your messeges to the owner and back.
  • Making additonal agreements to the Lease contract if becomes necessary.
  • Closing the lease deal.

The fee is always a one-time payment.

Sales listings:
The agency fee of 2% is equal to 2% of the cost of the advertised property
0% means we will charge you nothing for the services. 

Is the agency fee negotiable?

To decrease the agency fee amount mentioned in the listing, please, contact us and make your reasonable offer.  We will do our best to meet your requirements and satisfy your needs.

Can you find me an apartment for free?

The apartment search is a complicated and time-consuming task and it can not be done for free, unfortunately.

Our standard charge for finding a property for rent in Moscow is equal to a one-month rent amount. E.g. if you rent an apartment for 100.000 rubles per month, the agency fee is also 100.000 rubles. It is a one-time payment, paid only in case you sign a Lease agreement. Details about the service >

Our standard charge for finding a property to buy is equal to 2% of the cost of the property (but not less than 200.000 rubles). Details about the service >

In case you are willing to hire our service but under different conditions, please, inform us about your offer, we are open to negotiating it. If your offer is reasonable, we will accept it. 

To help the clients who want to save money and ready to do a part of the job themselves, we offer our Tenancy deal support service and Sales deal support service.


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