A healthy life style is very popular in Moscow. There are many fitness centers and sport clubs in Moscow which offer a wide range of activities to their members. Some clubs have English speaking trainers.

Below you can find a list of fitness and sports clubs that have websites in English.
If there are English speaking fitness/ sports clubs in Moscow that you would like us to recommend to expats, please inform us by email: moscow.rentals@yandex.ru.

British Football School
Phone: +7 (925) 433 5576
E-mail: info@britishfootballschool.com
Website: ru.britishfootballschool.com

Phone: +7 (495) 931-96 16
E-mail: goldsgym@co.ru
Website: www.goldsgym.ru

Empire Swim Academy
Telephone: +7 (966) 359 54 77
E-mail: info@eswim.ru
Website: eswim.ru

European Gymnastics Center
Telephones and emails: click here
Website: https://www.eng.europegym.ru/

"Radisson-Slavyanskaya" Sports Center 
Phone: +7 (495) 941-8020, Ext. 32-60
Website: slavyanskaya-moscow.ru/sport



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