01 December 2016, 09:09

For the past decade, infertility has been a very real problem around the world. According to the latest statistical data, medical tourism for IVF in Russia has steadily increased – meaning infertility can and must be fought.

K. Ilyin, the head embryologist at the GMS IVF Clinic: "I think that there is almost no difference between how an IVF procedure is done in Russia compared to western clinics. Maybe the West usually makes technological breakthroughs earlier and more often, but IVF is still very widespread in Russia. Our doctors and patients have more opportunities; for example, when using donor programs. Furthermore, clinics and labs are now opening in Russia (specifically at the GMS IVF Clinic) all equipped with the newest equipment and the latest technology."

Nowadays, the percent of successful IVF attempts in Russia is one of the highest in the whole world. More importantly, the cost of this procedure is considerably lower than the average price in Europe, which makes having IVF done in Russia especially appealing to foreigners.

"The GMS IVF Family Planning Center" opened in 2016 based on and as a part of GMS Clinic – a private medical clinic which has been working in Moscow since 2008. Specialists at the GMS IVF Clinic help solve any problems connected to couple’s infertility, from psychological to surgical. Our new facility, independent laboratory, and diagnostic center all follow the highest, most stringent regulations and standards. We guarantee a thorough examination and customized treatment plan in addition to around-the-clock help and support.

Fundamental principles of our work:

Our treatment methods are based on the principles of evidence-based healthcare and conform to European and international standards.

Sincethe GMS IVF Clinicis part of the GMS group, we can provide virtually all possible tests, competent consultations, and timely access to test results for our patients.

Doctors at GMS work closely with colleagues in Europe, the US, and Israel, so foreign specialists are always available.

"For me, our patientshealth, their trust in me, trust in our team of specialists, and result-oriented philosophy are the most important priorities. We will keep up with the times, use the newest equipment, and hire highly-qualified specialists. It is for this reason we decided to not just open a clinic, but a Family Planning Center." - commented Anna Morozova, the medical director at the GMS IVF Clinic, gynecologist, fertility specialist, and endocrinologist.

GMS Clinic is a comprehensive medical and diagnostic centre, offering a broad range of medical services and making it possible to solve most health problems with Western-level medical care without leaving Moscow.

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