17 November 2017, 06:05

From time to time our customers run into the question: "Where to store their furniture and appliances?". To solve this problem they look for a company providing the responsible storage service.

When choosing a warehouse, make sure it was designed to store the property of your type. The warehouse should support the optimal temperature and humidity levels, appropriate fire safety measures, the storage area should be under the clock security, your property should not be stored close to food and odorous substances.

Whichever warehouse you prefer, there is a way to ease the whole procedure: we mean the comprehensive service of responsible storage. At such service, the specially trained people prepare your things for the storage (disassemble furniture, pack, and label), load them into a car, deliver and place them in the warehouse. You do not even need to go to the warehouse, the property is transferred to the provider at your home or office. When you are ready to take the property back – the whole procedure is repeated in a reverse order: your things are brought to your place, assembled and put in their places.

Normally, the complex service is cheaper than if you pay for all the phases separately, employing different providers.

The cost of such service includes payments for the following works:

  1. Disassembly, packing furniture and belongings and transportation them to the warehouse.
  2. The placement and storage of the belongings.

Of course, the storage of the unassembled furniture is cheaper than pre-assembled, because it takes up considerably less space. Let's take as an example a typical tricuspid wardrobe of the size 2x1,9x0,6m: its volume is 2.28 m3, and if it is disassembled - 0,25 m3. The difference is 9 times. It will influence the price significantly if you use the storage service which cost depends on the occupied space (m3).

Thus, the preparation of the furniture and things for storage is often a complicated and time-consuming event: to disassemble, carefully pack (especially expensive and fragile), label, load in a car, deliver to a warehouse... If you don't have time and resources for this, a professional moving company can take care of the task. At your request, they can take care of a part or the whole complex of works. The responsible storage service guarantees the safety of your belongings from the moment of packing them until the time of unpacking after the storage (based on the contract you sign with the provider).   

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