The clients who have chosen us as a real estate services provider get the following guarantees:

Professional approach

We care about our reputation and treat all our clients with deep respect. We guarantee you a high-quality service: detailed professional advice, a flexible approach, using modern and convenient tools of communication.

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Secure deals

Security of our clients’ deals is the foundation of our professional activity. Our professionals are experts in checking the documents related to real estate, what protects you from many risks. All the solutions we recommend in frames of our client’s deals comply with Russian Federation legislation. We do not participate in deals with questionable documents and always prevent our clients from potential risks.  

Why are our clients loyal to us?


After deal support for Tenants and Landlords

We stay in touch with our clients during the whole tenancy period.  In case you need support for legal or domestic issues – just give a call to your agent.

Benefits for Tenants

Upon your request, we will help you to find necessary services providers and coordinate their work for you. The following support will be offered to you free of charge:

  • Organizing your move with a suitable moving company.
  • Finding a right cleaning company.
  • Calling an Internet provider to set up Internet connection.
  • Coordinate buying and delivering furniture.
  • Connecting you with International schools administrations.

Additionally, you can get the information about the district infrastructure around your new place: banks, grocery stores, fitness clubs, restaurants, etc. Just ask your agent - he will make sure you feel home!

Conditions for Tenants


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