Dear expat friends!  We are glad to welcome you at our website designed to
help foreigners to rent or buy property in Moscow! 

In our Rentals catalog, you can find offers of the properties in the best Moscow locations.  
The rental options are offered with no, low or full (equal to a one-month rent) agency fee.

You can search for a property yourself or DELEGATE this time-consuming task to our agency.

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On this page below you can read about how to search for a property on your own:


Step 1: Search in catalog

Please go to the Rentals catalog and specify your search criteria on the left of the page. 

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We recommend you to register an account before you start your search.  Many website functions are available only to the registered users. 

Step 2: Choose the best property for you

By using our powerful filters, you will be able to select the properties that suit you the best.  The listings provide the property details, availability calendar, location on Google map, property owners’ requirements to the potential tenants, their payment preferences and other.     

⇒ Choose the suitable conditions
You can see the size of the agency fee in the body of each listing.  It is from 0 to 100%.  With the help of the search filters, you can filter all the options with or without the fee.
Agency fee FAQ.

Step 3: Contact us to show you the chosen properties

When you have chosen some properties, please send us your request by using our “Send request” form in the right top corner of the listing page.  We will get your request and call you back to discuss the viewings schedule. Alternatively, you can call us at +7 966 380 10 75.
Please, make sure you have seen and agree with the size of the agency fee mentioned on the page of each listing. Agency fee FAQ.

⇒ Please, note:
All the properties on the website show the availability status and we try to keep it up to date. However, sometimes the status may be not actual because the property/ listing owner did not promptly inform us of its change. We will doublecheck it for you when we get your request. 

Step 4: Sign a contract

When you have decided to rent one of the options, we will initiate the negotiations with the property owner and prepare the Tenancy contract.

  • We will check all the documents for the chosen property to make sure the deal is safe.  
  • We will prepare the Tenancy agreement and get it approved by both parties.
  • We will make a detailed Defects act of the property and get it signed by both parties on the day of siging the Acceptance act of the property.  

Step 5: Enjoy your stay

To make you feel comfortable during your stay in the property you rent with us, we will be always available to support you. Just contact us in case you need help, we will contact the owner of the property on your behalf on any issue. 

⇒ Please, note: this support is not provided to you if you rent a property with no agency fee. 

Step 6: Prolong or close the Tenancy agreement

When it is time to prolong your contract, or you are ready to move-out, please contact your agent and inform him about it.

  • We will make an additional agreement to prolong or terminate your Tenancy agreement.  
  • We will come to your meeting of transferring the property back to the owner to help you sign all the necessary papers to close the deal.

⇒ Please, note: this support is not provided to you if you rent a property with no agency fee. 

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