It is known that not having a Tenancy agreement between a tenant and a property owner can be a certain risk for both parties.  The risks can be connected to different factors such as the unpredictable behavior of one of the parties, not following the common rules which may seem to be obvious to one of the parties but not to the other, the return of the deposit amount moment, etc. To avoid misunderstandings during and at the end of the tenancy term it is important to have a good Tenancy agreement which is fair to both parties. 

About the service

If you have found an apartment to rent/ a tenant for your apartment without a real estate agent help we recommend you to secure your agreements with the property owner by hiring our Tenancy Deals Support service. 

The service includes:

  • Representing your side in Tenancy Agreement negotiation
  • Checking the documents of the Apartment/ Property owner/ Tenant 
  • Making a Tenancy Agreement in English and Russian + our specialist presence at the meeting of signing it. 
  • Making Transfer-Acceptance Act of the Apartment from the property owner to the tenant in English and Russian + our specialist presence at the meeting of signing it.  
  • Making Termination of the Tenancy contract Agreement and Transfer-Acceptance Act of the Apartment from the tenant to the property owner + our specialist presence at the meeting of signing it. 

We recommend getting such service to avoid problems during and after the tenancy period.


The cost of the service is 15% of your monthly rent but not less than 15 000 rubles.
If you are interested please contact us at +7 966 380 1075 or moscow-rentals@yandex.ru

We wish everyone have safe deals! 

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