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24 03 2016

⇒ Need a professional move of your belongings to a new location in Moscow or another city of Russia?

⇒ You are planning your office move?

⇒ Looking for a warehouse?

Our partnering company "Delikatny pereezd" will be able to assist you on that at the highest level!


Who is "Delikatny Pereezd"? 

"Delikatny pereezd" is one of the first Russian moving companies, was founded in 2000. The company offers high-quality services in organizing moves for companies and individuals at an affordable price.

Since its foundation, the company has carried out more than 70000 moves for individuals and companies. In addition to the ideal balance between cost and quality, "Delikatny pereezd" is focused on ensuring comfort and security for clients during the move. To achieve these goals, the company concentrates its efforts on several directions:

  • Offering a wide range of services from disassembling and reassembling furniture and moving individual items to turn-key moves.
  • In-house resources. A team of specialists, a fleet of vehicles, and modern packing materials and technology - all of these allow the company to carry out moves within and between cities.
  • Specialists training. To provide professional moving services, the company conducts training on relevant technology and constantly monitors employees’ qualifications.
  • Quality control procedures ensure that standards for communication and execution are met.
  • Developing an affiliate network. "Delikatny pereezd" is the only Russian moving company with affiliates in four Russian cities.

Our services


  • moves within cities, from city to suburb, and from city to city;
  • moving, disassembling and reassembling furniture;
  • moving individual items such as high-end furniture, antiques, and musical instruments;
  • hanging pictures, mirrors, curtain rods, interior design;
  • high-quality packing materials for transporting and storing of possessions;


  • local and inter-city moves
  • moving, disassembling and reassembling furniture within offices
  • installation/removal of exhibition equipment
  • moving heavy objects (safes, ATMs, IT equipment)
  • moving individual items
  • high-quality packing materials for transporting and storing documents, office equipment and other property.


  • storing any volume of possessions in modern storage facilities;
  • delivery to and from warehouse;
  • professional packing;
  • several warehouses in Moscow and Moscow region.