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The International School of Moscow (ISM) offers a contemporary English international education to students aged from 2 to 18, from Early Years through to Secondary and Sixth Form. Established in 2007, the School has a student body of over 1000 students and boasts more than 60 nationalities.

ISM is located in two of Moscow’s most exclusive areas, Krylatskoe and Rosinka International Residences. 

In the west of the city, ISM Krylatskoe is based at the heart of a protected national park and surrounded by sports facilities. The campuses welcome students aged 3 to 18 and offer unique Secondary and Sixth Form opportunities, due to the large international student body and the wide variety of (I) GCSE and A level subjects. 

ISM Rosinka welcomes students aged 2 to 11. The campuses are located inside Rosinka’s gated territory and set against the stunning backdrop of the Krasnogorsky Forest. ISM Rosinka is a unique,  safe, family-friendly community school that offers an exceptional outdoor programme. Upon graduation from Primary School, ISM Rosinka students transfer to the Secondary School at Krylatskoe Upper Campus. 

The education programme at ISM is based on the English National Curriculum (ENC), which offers the highly-respected GCSE and A Level qualifications for older students. 

In 2019, ISM A Level students achieved an outstanding 100% pass rate in their examinations. Over the past five years, more than 80 students have become ISM alumni. Almost half of these students have entered the Top 100 Universities in the world including Cambridge University, UCLA, the University of Michigan and the University of Toronto.

In October 2019, The International School of Moscow was inspected by The Independent Schools Inspectorate and was, for the third consecutive time, graded as ‘Excellent’ in all areas.

The school is a member of Nord Anglia Education, a growing network of 69 schools established across the globe, and collaborates with world-leading organisations, including the Juilliard School, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and UNICEF.  

Krylatskoe Campus
ISM Krylatskoe: +7 (499) 922 44 00
Krylatskaya Ulitsa 12

Rosinka Campus
ISM Rosinka: +7 (499) 922 44 05 
Building 41
IRC Rosinka
Krasnogorsky region
Moscow rural


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    Ksenia, Moscow Rentals Founder , 19 April 2016, 14:07

    Ksenia, Moscow Rentals Founder
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    Dear all,

    I am acquainted with The International School of Moscow and want to share my knowledge and impression about them.

    I was lucky to meet the ISM Head of Marketing, Vitaly Verkhovsky, at one of the expat events in Moscow, and he kindly invited me to visit their school, so that I can tell more about it to my expat friends in clients in case they ask.

    I visited The International School of Moscow in Rosinka. Before I came there I filled in a registration form for them to allow my car into the territory of Rosinka compound. It was a very fast and easy procedure wich took me a few seconds. I went to Rosinka by car and it was rather easy to find the place, my car was allowed in with no problem, people at the entrance were very friendly and helpful explaining me my way. In some meters, I reached the school and could park close to it.

    By its look and feel the building and the territory of the school reminded me of my stay in the USA many years ago. They have a rather big territory with a sports ground which is very well equipped. There was a football game there when I came, kids were very involved and happy.
    The atmosphere inside the building was wonderful – I felt home and wanted to stay there forever ☺

    I visited the school during holidays, so there were not many kids. But I had a chance to meet the Head of Admissions, who seemed to be brilliant for his role. He took me around the school telling me with a big love of each detail.
    I’ve seen very well equipped music classes with pianos, drums, and guitars, a great library, great classrooms where I could see the way they taught in the school. I fell in love with the program and felt myself a kid for a moment, who wanted to go through all these exciting classes.
    The important difference in the education approach I’ve noticed was that it was not just a boring program - kids are allowed to be creative, make experiments, learn through the experience. I have two kids who are 3 and 6 and I would love them to study in this school or a school like that.

    This was gorgeous as well. The building for the kids and the playgrounds!
    The school considers that in early age it is extremely important for kids to spend as much time outside as possible for their successful development and provides the best possibilities for that. I think kids feel really happy there. I would ☺

    When I was visiting the school there were some parents who were renovating the school library, making it look really nice with the help of a painter. I thought it was great that the school invites the parents to participate in the school life.
    The International School of Moscow is very good at organizing interesting cultural events in school – they held concerts, make thematic events, invite interesting speakers. I think it is a great benefit.

    I am of a high opinion about The International School of Moscow school. This place does deserve consideration.
  • The International School of Moscow ,