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18 03 2016

It is not your physical shape that matters most but the willingness to improve. Regardless of age, one can strike a balance between elegant body and flourishing soul. From now on, ballet dancers’ unique approach is the benchmark of grace and flexibility in the Big City.

YaYaDANCE, a school of ballet and stretching in Moscow, is a perfect mix of the American fitness and Russian passion for a classic dance. Guided by an experienced coach from the US, Ekaterina Yurochkina, you will be reaching for new heights.

You too can have a sensual figure, impeccable posture and legs of a ballet dancer. Individual training method will gradually introduce you to the basics of a classic dance and stretching. The intensity of the workout is well balanced. Each class includes parterre gymnastics, a variety of stretching exercises, barre exercises and dancing (battement, jumps, pirouettes, etc.), which make it more dynamic and engaging. The classes are conducted in English, it is a workout for your body and mind.Best dance studios in Moscow will inspire you, whereas photo shoots and video recording at the end of the class will boost your confidence.

YaYaDANCE is growing and getting better each day. Our team is comprised exclusively of native English language professionals with experience in dancing and fitness. Soon we’re planning to launch new and exciting programs, be it animated Latin American dances or health-improving choreography for kids. YaYaKIDS.