When shall I start my apartment search?

We recommend starting your apartment search:

  • 4-3 weeks before you need to move in if your budget is above 1000 Euro.
  • 2 weeks before you need to move in if your budget is lower than that.  

We do not recommend starting your search too early because property owners prefer not to sign tenancy agreements long time in advance.

At high budgets, it is easier to find a compromise with property owners about reserving their apartments until the date you need to move in. So this is fine to start your search a month in advance.

This recommendation is also connected to the fact that good apartments are often rented rather quickly, and the options you like at the beginning of your early search may be gone before you are ready to view or rent them, what is always disappointing.  

⇒ A special feature on our website for those who start their apartment search long time in advance

Many expats start their apartment search a long time before they move to Moscow.  Taking this fact into consideration our website offers the functionality which allows property owners to show their apartments availability. Each apartment listing has a Calendar tab which shows when the apartment is available. You can also filter the apartments according to your move-in date.

Are there any additional monthly payments above my rental fee?

It is always up to the tenancy agreement you sign with your landlord.  The additional expenses that are normally covered by the tenants according to the standard practice/ standard contracts conditions are water, electricity, Internet, and Satellite TV bills, as well as a parking space if it is not included in your rental payment. The rest is usually paid by apartment owners. However, there are cases when apartments owners agree to cover some or all of these payments. This can be reached during your contract negotiations. 

Why am I asked about my job, family and other personal details by the agents?

This information is necessary to introduce you to property owners.  It is important for property owners to know who will live in their apartments.  They want to know the details about you because of security reasons and also to decide if they consider you or not.  They normally want to know your age, citizenship and nationality, occupation, number and age of your family members, if you have pets and for how long you plan to rent their apartments. 

⇒ Special feature on our website

As some property owners do not consider tenants with pets, small kids, to sign a tenancy agreement for less than 6 months or a year, you can select the apartments according to these filters on our Search page.

Why is the agency fee different for the apartments on Moscow rentals website?

The agency fee depends on different parameters: apartment rental price, if the property owner pays the fee for a tenant search, how much we invest in the apartment advertisement, etc.  Depending on that you can find apartments with no, discounted or 100% (equal to one month rent) fee in our Rentals catalog

⇒ Special feature on our website

Depending on your budget and approach you can filter the apartments with and without the agency fee on our Search page.

I do not want to search for an apartment on my own and would like to hire Moscow Rentals to do it for me.  Is this possible? 

We will be happy to assist you with your apartment search.  Please, read how to delegate this work to us HERE.

Can Moscow Rentals sign a contract with my company as a real estate services provider?

Yes, we can.  We are an official organization that can sign contracts with companies or physical persons for providing our services.  You can get all the necessary documents for reporting your cooperation with us to your company or we can sign a Services contract directly with your employer. 

What guarantee does Moscow Rentals offer to their clients?

You can read about our guarantee HERE

What is the agency fee for a tenant?

You can read the Agency fee FAQs HERE

Where can I get my migratory registration? Is it obligatory?

Yes, it is obligatory for all foreign citizens in Russia. Please, read about the terms HERE


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